„Burlazz is an expression of my femininity and sensuality in the form of dance. At the same time, Burlazz for me is also a critical questioning of our society in terms of the patterns we are forced into as women.“

„Burlazz-Mom“ Sabine Anastacia Hack, 50
Dancer, Choreographer, Lecturer, and Creator of Burlazz

For as long as I can remember, there was always my mother’s love and my love for dance.

Sabine knew immediately that she was at home when she found her way to apparatus gymnastics and her first dance lesson as a child. Her subsequent training as a stage dancer took her from Stuttgart to New York, the Mecca of dance. When she was 19 old, not a day went by without her dancing.

After New York, she moved back to Germany, where she appeared in „West Side Story“ at the Stadttheater Aachen. In the following years, she traveled around the world twice without a permanent residence, among others with the pop groups Culture Beat and La Bouche.

When Sabine became increasingly tired of the stage, she moved to Berlin, where she worked for 5 years at the Friedrichstadt-Palast as a choreographer and jazz instructor for the ballet ensemble. Working on this huge theater stage was the best and most important school for her as a choreographer.

In order to express all my feelings through dance, to feel erotic and sexy in my very own personal way, I had to expand my classical dance education.

In Berlin, her passion to study new styles of dance was awakened. In her training as a stage dancer, the focus was mainly on learning and perfecting the classical techniques of jazz, ballet, and modern dance. After many further years of training in authentic jazz, lindy hop, and African dance, she also studied and learned classical Indian Kathak intensively. In this process, Sabine also discovered her deep love for Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Dance in all its different, wonderful possibilities, forms, and facets started to be her passion. Starting with ritual, spiritual, and ecstatic dance, which she has been practicing since her early childhood without being taught, through classical dance styles which she has studied and practiced intensively.

Burlazz was my calling, it is based on my love for dance.

All the experiences of Sabine’s life, the beautiful ones as well as the painful ones, flow into Burlazz. Dance was in the first place Sabine’s way of escaping a traumatic reality as a child. She escaped into another world, where she was free from pain, fear, and doubts. In this world, she was right, exactly as she was. Until today she practiced this freeing form of dance in her Burlazz classes.

Other motivations for the creation of Burlazz was the desire to revolt against the commercial world of film, television, entertainment theater, and the music industry. In her time as a professional dancer, Sabine experienced discrimination, sexism, and degrading behaviors. It was a world dominated by men. „Femininity“ has been defined and predetermined by men and served mainly to fulfill male fantasies. As a professional dancer, Sabine experienced to be treated as an object.

It is Sabine’s deepest need to create a safe space with Burlazz, where women together can determine, explore and celebrate their individual feminine values, free from social norms, guidelines, and constraints!