An expression of
femininity through dance

Versatile choreographies and feminine self-expression characterise
this holistic dance style for women of all ages, backgrounds
and dance experience.

About Burlazz

Unlike the name suggests, Burlazz does not only combine elements from classical
jazz and burlesque. Influences from other dance styles such as tribal fusion,
classical Indian Kathak, and authentic jazz result in unexpected and innovative
choreographies. Rules are intentionally broken and backgrounds and dance theory
are brought into the lessons in an entertaining way.

Burlazz is self-determination and freed femininity

Within a protected environment, and among women and an encouraging atmosphere, you can explore your feminine side, strengthen and celebrate it. Strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem as a woman is a central aspect of Burlazz.

Burlazz is an expression of femininity through dance

It allows you to explore your sensuality and devotion. Burlazz unleashes your feelings and lets you play with the many elements of female sexuality.

Burlazz is wild, playful and full of ``joie de vivre``

A special music selection, humour and targeted relaxation exercises make the class a place where women can simply let off steam. Having fun, recharging energy and simply switching off is at the heart of Burlazz.

Burlazz is Body Positivity

It gives a new perspective on our bodies. In a trusting environment, we encourage a positive attitude towards life, self-image and self-expression.

Burlazz is colourful and versatile, just like its creator, dancer and choreographer Sabine Anastasia Hack.

Her passion for dance and her drive to create a space where women can define their individual feminine values have brought Burlazz to life.

Burlazz is a feeling, a way of life, a workout for body and soul.

Rusa, 30, Administrative Assistant

Burlazz gives me the reassurance that I am good and beautiful just the way I am.

Naomi, 55, Namibian Filmmaker & Activist

Thanks to Burlazz, I have developed and strengthened myself emotionally, in both my role as a woman as well as a dancer.

Nikan, 32, pedagogue